Up to 50% rakeback

  • Great rakeback up to 50%
  • Freerolls and rake free tables
  • A lot of different poker variations
  • Can only deposit with cryptos
  • Small player pool
  • Soft games


  • Bonus & Rakeback:
  • Software:
  • Payment Methods:
    2/5 - Crypto only
  • Playerpool:
  • Overall:

SWC Poker Review – Exiting Crypto Poker Site

SWC Poker Review

SWC Poker, formerly known as “Seals With Clubs”, an online poker site that has gained popularity for its crypto approach to online poker. SWC Poker offers its games with Bitcoins and is one of the first poker sites to accept cryptocurrencies for playing online poker.

The site offers a lot of different poker games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Open Face Chinese poker, and you can also play 12-game on the site, where 12 different poker variations are played alternately.

SwC poker works with Bitcoins, but you can deposit with several different cryptocurrencies, although depositing on the site might seem challenging, once you get to know the deposit procedure a little, it will be very easy to deposit and withdraw.

One of the distinguishing features of SWC Poker is its commitment to player anonymity. Players are not required to provide any personal information, and transactions are conducted using Bitcoin, providing extra privacy and security. Let’s dwell deeper on our SWC Poker review.

SWC Poker Bonus and Rakeback

SwC Poker does not offer any deposit bonuses, instead they focus on providing a long-term benefit with their rakeback system known as the “Krill VIP Program”. This is how it works:

Krill Points: Players earn Krill Points by participating in cash games and tournaments. The more Krill points you collect, the higher your VIP level.

VIP levels: The Krill VIP program consists of 16 levels, each offering varying rakeback levels starting from 5% up to 50%. Players can track their progress and rakeback potential on the site.

Additional Benefits: In addition to Rakeback, players can enjoy additional benefits such as freerolls and bonuses as they progress through the VIP levels.

SWC Poker rakeback
SWC Poker Vip program gives up to 50% rakeback

The biggest advantage of SwC rakeback program is that Krill points never expire or reset. That is, when the player reaches a new VIP level, he cannot drop down to a lower level.

Other promotions in SWC Poker

SWC Poker offers a good variety of promotions for all level of players. These promotions includes freerolls with real money prices, rake free cash games and leaderboards. More about these next.

SWC Poker Freerolls: A Gateway to Winning

SWC Poker takes a customer-friendly approach by offering freeroll tournaments, providing players with a chance to win real prizes without any buy-in. Freerolls are accessible to all skill levels, making them an ideal starting point for beginners to hone their skills without financial risk. These tournaments often showcase the diverse range of poker variants available on the platform.

Rake-Free Cash Games: Unprecedented Value for Players

One of the standout features of SWC Poker is its commitment to providing players with exceptional value. Unlike many online poker platforms, SWC Poker offers rake-free cash games. Rake is the fee charged by the house for hosting games, and SWC Poker’s decision to eliminate this fee enhances the overall profitability for players. This makes SWC Poker a cost-effective choice for those who enjoy cash games and want to maximize their winnings.

Leaderboards: Adding a Competitive Edge

SWC Poker introduces a competitive element through its leaderboards. These leaderboards track various metrics, such as tournament performance, cash game success, or other specified criteria. Players earn points based on their achievements, fostering healthy competition within the community. Whether you’re a casual player aiming for bragging rights or a competitive individual eyeing top positions, SWC Poker’s leaderboards add an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

SWC Poker payment methods

Deposits to SwC Poker can only be made with cryptocurrencies. The site accepts several different cryptocurrencies for deposits, but withdrawals are only possible in Bitcoins. There are almost 100 different songs available. SWC is purely crypto poker site.

You can deposit on the site with following popular cryptocurrencies, but notice there are plenty of more options on the site:

Bitcoin (BTC): SwC Poker operates primarily on the Bitcoin network, making Bitcoin the most widely used and preferred deposit method. Players can easily fund their account with Bitcoin.

Litecoin (LTC): In addition to Bitcoin, SwC Poker also accepts Litecoin for deposits. Litecoin transactions are known for their speed and cost efficiency.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): SwC Poker welcomes Bitcoin Cash users by offering an alternative cryptocurrency deposit option.

DASH (DASH): Players can use DASH, another popular cryptocurrency, to fund their SwC Poker accounts.

Ethereum (ETH): Ethereum enthusiasts can make deposits using ETH, which adds flexibility to payment options.

SWC Poker Game Selection

SWC Poker offers a wide selection of poker variations that are suitable for both beginners and experienced players. From traditional classics to innovative variations, there is something for everyone at SWC Poker.

Chinese poker

2-7 Pineapple OFC Poker: Also known as “Deuce Pineapple”, this is a unique take on Open Face Chinese Poker where players aim to create the best hands with 2-7 cards in the middle.

Progressive Pineapple OFC Poker: A dynamic version of Pineapple OFC where the stakes increase as the game progresses, adding excitement to each round.

Pineapple OFC Poker: A classic version of Open Face Chinese Poker with a pineapple style that offers an immersive game.

Open Face Chinese Poker: Traditional Open Face Chinese Poker, where players build hands without the ability to change previously placed cards.

Draw Poker Games

Drawmaha (Sviten) Poker: A combination of Omaha and Draw Poker that offers a unique blend of strategy and excitement.

5-Card Draw Poker: A classic version of poker where players try to make the best hand out of five cards.

2-7 Single Draw Poker: Lowball version where the goal is to get the smallest possible hand with 2-7 cards.

Badacey Poker: A mixed game combining Badugi and Ace-to-Five Triple Draw.

Badeucy Poker: An intriguing mix of Badug and 2-7 Triple Draw.

Badugi Poker: A lowball version where players strive to create the best Badugi hand.

2-7 Triple Draw Poker: A lowball poker game where the goal is to make the smallest hand with 2-7 cards.

Flop games

6-Card Omaha Poker: An exciting variation of Omaha with six pocket cards that adds complexity to the game.

6-Card Omaha Hi/Lo Poker: A Hi/Lo version of 6-Card Omaha where players aim for both the highest and lowest hands.

Courchevel Hi/Lo Poker: Hi/Lo version of Courchevel Poker where players strive for the best high and low hands.

Courchevel Poker: A community card game similar to Omaha with an added level of strategy.

Big O Poker: An Omaha version with five pocket cards, offering more opportunities for strong hands.

5-Card Omaha Poker: A fast-paced version of Omaha with five pocket cards that requires careful hand selection.

Omaha Hi/Lo Poker: Hi/Lo variation of traditional Omaha, combining high and low hands.

Omaha Poker: Classic version of Omaha with four pocket cards and community cards.

Pineapple Hold’em Poker: A fusion of Pineapple and Texas Hold’em that offers an exciting twist on traditional poker.

Short Deck Hold’em Poker: An exciting variant of Texas Hold’em played with a shortened deck.Texas Hold’em Poker: The most popular poker variant where players aim for the best five card hand.

Mixed Games

Mixed Games: A combination of different poker games that offers a versatile and challenging experience. These include, for example, HORSE, 8-game and 12-game.

Stud Poker Games

Razz Poker: Lowball version of Seven Card Stud where the lowest hand wins.

7-Card Stud Hi/Lo Poker: A Hi/Lo variant of Seven Card Stud that adds a split pot element.

7-Card Stud Poker: Classic Seven Card Stud where players strive to create the best five card hand.

SWC Poker’s diverse selection of poker games ensures that players always find a table that suits their preferences and skill level. Whether you’re a fan of traditional classics or eager to explore innovative variations, SWC Poker has it all.

SwC Pokeri also offers many different poker variations in tournaments.

SWC Poker player pool

SwC poker has a small number of players on average and during the busiest times there are a couple of hundred players playing at the same time. So, it can be challenging to find cash games at levels that suit you.

At the time of the tournament series, the number of players increases, and especially for these tournaments there is a suitable number of players.

SWC Poker conclusion

SWC Poker has been a pioneer in the introduction of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, as the primary currency for playing poker. This approach brings benefits such as faster transactions, improved security, and a global player base.

A player-centric approach

One of the distinguishing features of SWC Poker is its commitment to the poker community. The platform offers a variety of poker games, including traditional favorites such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, as well as unique variations such as Chinese Poker and Draw Poker. This diversity caters to players of all skill levels and abilities.

Interesting tournaments and cash games

SWC Poker hosts a range of poker tournaments and cash games, making it suitable for both casual and serious players. Whether you’re looking for casual fun or competitive challenges.

Payment methods as a challenge

The biggest challenge to playing is certainly depositing with cryptocurrency, as the subject is still unknown to many. When you overcome this obstacle, SwC poker is a very good place to play, especially for those who want to play rarer poker variations, or don’t want to identify themselves to any site.

As conclusion we can recommend trying this poker site!

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